The Power of Human Connection


Thank you for welcoming us back into your bank as we continue to increase our in-person connections. Video and conference calls are efficient and helpful in many situations, but nothing beats truly connecting face-to-face.

This driving factor is top of mind when we consider how to share information with you and, most importantly, listen to your needs. We are excited to announce we will be hosting in-person regional meetings across the state in the coming fall and spring seasons. Our goal is to bring key members of the BBOK team to your area to deliver insightful information and learn about new opportunities to help meet the needs of your bank. We hope members of your organization will actively participate in these valuable regional meetings.

Mid-year financials are good compared to a year ago. We welcomed the chance to continue assisting customer banks with the PPP program, which, on a gross basis this year, is on track to bring in about the same revenue as 2020. Positive spots in our financials include lower cost of funds; significant increase to credit card activity and related income; and lower operating expenses.

For many of you and, therefore, BBOK it has been a challenge to find good commercial loan opportunities with the excess liquidity in the market. We are hopeful that demand will rebound as the economy improves and the liquidity and supply chains get back to somewhat normal levels. Even with the current challenges in commercial lending, mortgages continue to make an impact to loan portfolios. We feel positive about our new mortgage program and the momentum we are gaining since its launch in May.

Looking ahead, 2022 will be the final year of our five-year strategic plan. We are on track to meet our goals and put the bank in the best position possible for an evolving group of new leaders. We look forward to connecting with Kansas bankers this year and working together to meet future challenges.