Help Your Mortgage Team Become Stronger

Great rates and products are critical to a successful mortgage program, but having a strong team is the key to increasing your volume and serving more customers. As the market begins to slow-down, it is important to make sure your team is stronger than ever to take on opportunities as they come.

Regularly Measure Success

Consider establishing performance metrics which will measure the factors you identify as most important for success. Share performance results at an individual and team level to help your staff learn, grow and improve when needed.

Create Opportunities for Learning and Growth

Ensure your team has access to the resources they need to become experts on the products offered. Provide ongoing opportunities for staff to train and increase their knowledge. Under BBOK’s program, the staff designated by your bank will have access to the mortgage portal which includes resources on each product offered.

Celebrate Big Wins Together

When you have a big win, make a big deal! Record loan volume, retaining a valued customer, gaining new business – are all reasons to celebrate together. Celebrations big, or small, are a great way to keep motivation high.

Regardless of your staff size or expertise, add depth to your resources with Wendy Wayman-Weir and Bankers’ Bank Mortgage. When you partner with BBOK, Wendy becomes an extension of your team, adding her thirty-plus years of experience in all areas of mortgage lending. From helping to identify the best product for a customer to answering loan origination questions, she is there to help!

Want to learn more about Bankers’ Bank Mortgage? Share your contact information below and Wendy will follow up with you.