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Build your Credit Card Portfolio

Your bank customers are being bombarded daily with credit card offers from your competition. But even with all the offers that arrive in their mailbox, their mailbox, consumers would rather carry their community bank credit card if given the choice. Credit cards are a preferred way to pay for all kinds of subscriptions like HULU, ...Article continued...

Overnight Funds Investment Trends Shifting

Since the beginning of the Federal Reserve Bank’s open market operations in the 1920s and 30s, banks have been encouraged to lend money to one another to cover daily reserve requirements. Banks helping banks through this lending network created a healthy monetary resource for financial institutions across the country that continues to this day. The ...Article continued...

Golf Registration Open Now

Register online today for the 20th annual Bankers’ Bank of Kansas Open. Monday, Oct. 7 at Rolling Hills Country Club in Wichita. Grab your clubs and join us for a fun-filled day with bankers from around the state. Registration and the full schedule can be found by clicking the below registration link. Complete Registration Form ...Article continued...

Value the Voice

Amanda Williams is the assistant vice president of sales and marketing at Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. She loves talking about first impressions and can deliver a training for banks who want to hone their skills. She can be reached at 316.681.9225 or Customer service is dead. How many times have you felt that when ...Article continued...


The first half of the year was strong with net interest income up $247,000 and non-interest income up $38,000 over this time last year. Compared to last year, expenses are up $539,000. However, $417,000 in reserve for possible future expenses was determined to be not required and was taken to income in 2018 through a ...Article continued...

Cooperative Power

This fall 12 Bankers’ Banks will gather in Kansas City for an operational forum hosted by Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. The annual forum takes place in the home state of the chairman of the Bankers’ Bank Council – a role filled this year by Calvin Coady. These Bankers’ Banks collectively represent, and are owned by, ...Article continued...

Support Rural Credit

When you endorse the Enhancing Credit Opportunities in Rural America (ECORA) Act currently in legislation, it gives your bank the opportunity to help borrowers, and levels the playing field for all lenders. ECORA proposes when community banks provide loans to rural borrowers secured by agricultural real estate, the interest earned from such loans would be ...Article continued...

Intern Spotlight

For Rose Gerber and Matyson Leydig, Fort Hays State University is preparing them well for a career in the industry. This summer they learned by doing at Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. Through a 10-week summer internship program, Rose and Matyson enhanced their classroom knowledge with real-world experience. They explored different areas in the bank to ...Article continued...

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Build your Credit Card Portfolio

Overnight Funds Investment Trends Shifting

Value the Voice

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