People, Processes, Programs

Letter from Calvin Coady –

As part of our planning process, the BBOK leadership team recognized the need to build upon our foundation as we seek to fulfill our mission: Be a Trusted Partner and Deliver: Solid Financial Strength, Superior Products and Unwavering Customer Service. Three foundational pillars became the focus of our 2021 business plan: People, Processes and Programs.

Succession planning is a critical component of People, maybe the most important foundational pillar, as BBOK faces a number of changes in key roles due to retirements this year and over the next few years. Fortunately, we have already added several key people to the bank who will make our succession transition period smooth and successful. We have also strengthened other leadership roles by adding the experience and expertise necessary to prepare for what we know will be an exciting and challenging future for BBOK.

I am happy to introduce you to several new leaders in our company.


Teri Ginther was promoted to Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to the Board. Teri touches all three of our theme’s key initiatives. She works across departments to streamline processes and helps lead the new merchant services program. Her experience and knowledge are a key resource in developing our people and the next generation of BBOK leaders.

Scott Fowler was promoted to Vice President, IT Manager. Scott chairs the bank’s technology committee and plays a key role in supporting new programs and implementing technology solutions to facilitate the bank’s process improvement efforts. Scott and his capable team remain highly focused on keeping our systems and data secure.

Amanda Williams was promoted to Vice President, Marketing and Brand Director. Amanda continues to be an integral resource across the bank as we expand our focus on new programs, enhanced marketing and sales efforts. Amanda leads and supports our sales strategy, is deeply involved in both identifying and implementing new programs, and is our champion of customer experience. As Brand Director, Amanda ensures BBOK’s communication standards and image maintain consistency across departments.

New People

Jen Caughron, Senior Vice President, Bank Card Manager, joined the team in January. She brings extensive experience in management, product development, technology and marketing to the bank. Jen has a wealth of knowledge and a passion and a commitment to creating an exceptional experience for your bank and your customers. Exciting changes are coming, so stay tuned!

Greg Sacks, Vice President, Finance, joined the team in February. Greg spent 10 years in public accounting conducting audits, tax returns, loan reviews and directors’ exams for banks. Greg brings a wealth of knowledge to BBOK and will provide depth as retirements occur in our finance area.

Beth Seals, Assistant Vice President, Compliance, joined the team in March. Beth has worked in almost every area of banking and has found her niche in compliance. She enjoys the challenge of finding solutions that work for BBOK and our customers. Beth was elected as the Bank’s BSA Officer in April and she strengthens our team as we plan for future retirements.

New Programs

Merchant Services – BBOK’s model for Merchant Services focuses on providing an excellent customer experience for banks and their business customers. In partnership with Fitech, we look forward to assisting banks in meeting their customers’ payment needs.

We introduced Berin Lacevic, Relationship Manager – Merchant Services, in our fall 2020 newsletter. Since then, he has devoted his time to ensure a successful launch of the new program in March and is experiencing success with implementing banks into the program. His growth in connecting with customer banks is an important part of our development plan.

Bankers’ Bank Mortgage – BBOK partnered with Bankers’ Bank, WI, to offer a mortgage solution to Kansas banks designed for community banks. The program includes multiple options for assisting banks with underwriting, processing and servicing needs. Banks in the program have access to many different mortgage products to meet the needs of their customers.

Wendy Wayman-Weir, Vice President, Mortgage Program Director, joined the bank in February to lead our new mortgage program. Wendy brings with her over 35 years of mortgage loan experience across both rural and urban markets. Her unique perspective gives BBOK banks the advantage of having a liaison solely focused on helping banks succeed.


I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the leaders who have led their teams well as they strived to fulfill the BBOK mission daily. The pride and dedication they have demonstrated in working for your bankers’ bank is reflected in a lifetime of work and achievements. In upcoming briefs, you will hear more about each of these valued employees and what the future has in store for them.

We hope you enjoy the BBOK Brief– our new way of connecting with you!