How BBOK prepares to mitigate cybersecurity threats

With recent industry news focused on potential cybersecurity threats, Scott Fowler, VP-IT Manager, shares how BBOK works to mitigate these threats along with resources his team looks to for helpful information.

Focused on the basics.

BBOK’s cybersecurity program focuses on these strong foundational components to mitigate potential threats and reduce the risk of compromise.

Patch Management: Automated processes provide consistent auditing and monitoring controls to help ensure patches are applied in a timely manner.

Vulnerability Monitoring: Our cybersecurity team diligently reviews multiple channels of information and uses peer-to-peer communication to remain updated on the latest cybersecurity news and threats.

Phishing Training: A robust program, which includes routine testing and ongoing training, helps our staff be a strong link in the chain to keep systems and data secure.

Incident Response: Should an event occur, we have processes in place to respond quickly and create strong, supportive documentation.

Business Continuity: Air gap backups and immutable storage aid in the protection of our data and allows us to keep our operations going if we face a disruption.

Strong Password Protection & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Staff follow rigorous requirements for creating strong passwords and MFA is implemented on all systems when available.



The sites below provide information on current threats, cybersecurity awareness and best practices.

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency – Alert (AA22-011A)

FFIEC – Cybersecurity Awareness


BBOK Customers can also access information regarding BBOK’s vendor management program on our Vendor Management resource page.