Wire Transfers

Bankers’ Bank of Kansas makes securely sending or receiving funds easy with our domestic wires and international wires. BBOK provides community banks and their customers with reliable, cost-effective payment services to get money where it needs to be with fast, secure delivery.

Through the affiliate wire service, your bank uses PATH to interface directly with your account at the Federal Reserve Bank to allow you to receive incoming wires, send outgoing wires and monitor your Fed account.

Community banks who partner with BBOK for wire services benefit from competitive pricing along with:

  • Instant and secure access to account information and wire transactions through PATH
  • Notifications for incoming wires, outgoing wire confirmations and rejected outgoing wires
  • Automated OFAC checking available for all wire transfers
  • Electronic wire initiation
  • Straight-through processing of domestic wires
  • Dual controlled outgoing wires
  • Access to five years of wire archives