Merchant Services

Merchant services can be an efficient driver of non-interest income, and it is among the few products every small business needs. Payment solutions have become an essential component of doing business. Offering merchant services can generate new business, increase customer engagement and create cross-selling opportunities.

Program Fundamentals

Service & Support
Customers can expect a high level of service from the support team, with hold times of less than 30-seconds and 87% of issues resolves on the first call. Additionally, your dedicated BBOK Merchant Services Relationship Manager provides training and sales support to your staff, and in-person or virtual installations for your customers. Marketing resources and guidance are also provided to help promote and grow your program.

We offer a broad range of mobile and online payment options to meet your customers’ needs. Progressive software and automatic updates limit disruptions and down-time. Solutions are available for nearly every vertical.

Our competitive and straight-forward pricing is easy to understand, and our agreements are simple and transparent. With our “Meet or Beat” guarantee, we’ll provide a $500 gift card if we can’t meet or beat the effective rate offered by the merchant’s current provider (2 months of processing statements and a minimum processing of $2,500 is required).

Options to Fit Your Payment Strategy

Whether you want to grow an active portfolio, develop a new program or need a solution to support customer requests, BBOK offers agreement options to fit your needs. Both agreement options include
on-site support and service for your merchants, plus frontline training for your staff and marketing resources to help grow your program.

Partner Option:

  • Developed for banks with treasury management or a merchant services growth strategy.
  • Revenue share starting at 11 merchants.

Referral Option:

  • Developed for banks with limited resources available, but want a solution available for customers who request one.
  • One-time referral fees paid to the bank for each approved application after 30 days of transaction activity.