Loan Participations

A Loan Participation partnership with Bankers’ Bank of Kansas helps you meet your lending portfolio objectives. When you work with our lending team, you receive service from an experienced team of commercial lenders who won’t compete for your business.

Sell Loan Participations

When your customers’ credit needs surpass your lending limit, the BBOK participation network serves as an extension of your bank to get your large credit requests funded. Selling your loans to the Bankers’ Bank of Kansas network helps your bank diversify your portfolio, limit individual loan exposure, expand lending capabilities, maintain current customer relationships and acquire new business. The BBOK team provides analysis and outside advisory assistance in a non-competitive environment created solely to support community banks. Our lenders give honest feedback with quick turnaround times. Flexible structure and pricing help you meet your best customers’ credit needs when your bank is unable to meet them on its own.

Buy Loan Participations

For banks looking for loan diversification or to use excess capital, Bankers’ Bank of Kansas offers numerous opportunities to buy loan participations. Our portfolio includes loans of varying sizes in diverse industries.