KMac Agricultural Lending

Strengthen your agricultural lending portfolio with KMac loans from Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. Kansas banks can leverage BBOK’s stockholder status with Farmer Mac to offer customers agricultural mortgage loans.

Exclusively for farmers, ranchers and agribusiness customers, KMac offers long-term fixed rates that provide your customers a hedge against future risk. The BBOK process is easy, and designed to get ag customers the money they need when they need it. BBOK completes the paperwork and your bank receives a share of the income from the loans you originate.

  • Enhance return on equity and earn fee income.
  • Reduce credit risk and renew liquidity for additional lending – all KMac loans are sold to the secondary market.
  • Serve customers with large borrowing needs while addressing concentration concerns.
  • Compete with Farm Credit for ag lending.

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