The tenured staff at BBOK are committed to providing exceptional correspondent services to Kansas bankers, regardless of size or number of services needed. Listening. Advising. Developing solutions as diverse as your bank. We are owned by Kansas Banks. We will never compete for your customers. Our only goal is to ensure you have the resources you need to grow your bank while helping your customers grow. Correspondent banking is the sole source of business for a bankers’ bank, making your satisfaction and well-being our top priority.

What is a bankers’ bank?

Under the law, a bankers’ bank is a commercial bank owned only by other depository institutions (except for directors’ qualifying shares), authorized only to do business with depository institutions, their officers, directors and staff. Regulations prohibit any bank from owning over 5% of the voting stock of a bankers’ bank, thereby assuring wide ownership and preventing control from lying in the hands of any one bank, group of banks, or area of the state. Our charter prohibits us from working with the general public so we will never become a competitor to the banks we serve.