Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Support

As progress continues for the submission of applications to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), we are offering the following programs to support our customers.


BBOK can assist you in addressing PPP loan requests from your bank’s Directors.

  • Refer their application and all supporting documentation to BBOK, who acts as the lender.
  • BBOK will originate, fund and manage the loan.


If you need extra resources to process applications:

  • Refer your application and all supporting documentation to BBOK, who acts as the lender.
  • A participation agreement between your bank and BBOK is executed with 90% of loan proceeds participated to your bank.
  • Your bank will receive the processing fee less the agent fee.


Our processes include these documentation requirements:

BBOK Application Checklist

SBA Borrower Application

Beneficial Ownership Form

Due to the high volume of applications, we request that you provide all of the information indicated on the checklist before submitting an application. Once we receive a completed package, we will verify the information and upload the application. We appreciate your assistance in making this a smooth and timely process

Once complete, upload your documentation securely to our SAFe platform.

For assistance with downloading documentation, contact Amanda Williams or Teri Ginther | 1.800.999.5725.

For SAFe account activation or password reset, contact Dennis Willey | 1.800.999.5725.


If you have an interest in partnering with BBOK or would like to learn more, please contact: Craig Ellis, Tim Binns, Mike Sikes or Terry Puett at 1.800.999.5725.