Our Team

Each member of our officer team is a seasoned banker. Our progressive solutions are exemplified by our dedication to putting customers first. We know our community bank partners by name and can sit down with you face-to-face to find solutions for your bank’s unique challenges.


Calvin Coady President / CEO Serving BBOK customers since 1998

Resilience is one of Calvin's unique talents, one that has carried him through three decades of financial industry turmoil and triumphs. As one of the youngest of seven kids, Calvin cultivated the fine art of adaptability from an early age. Today, he uses it to coach his work family as they craft solutions for bank customers. Through service on regional and national financial boards and committees, Calvin serves as a voice for Kansas banks across all segments -- ultimately benefiting customers, employees and the banking industry.

Calvin doesn't know a stranger and values his time spent with his wife, Angie, family and friends. Even his solitary motorcycle rides across Kansas become social occasions, often concluding with a meeting of the minds at a Mainstreet watering hole.

Craig Ellis Executive Vice President Serving BBOK customers since 2002

Craig's lending experience spans nearly four decades and numerous specialties. Building successful relationships that have positive results keeps him motivated to do what he does each day. Outside of BBOK he loves to spoil his grandchildren, play golf and start a house project with no intent of finishing it.

Tim Binns Senior Vice President
Senior Lending Officer
Serving BBOK customers since 2009

As senior lending officer, Tim has financed opportunities for BBOK banks and their customers. Tim's vast banking experience before BBOK focused on commercial real estate and agribusiness. Tim says he's glad to be working alongside a dedicated team that shares the same ethics, values and passion to deliver unwavering customer service. Tim still believes in Santa Claus, especially the ones he handcarves in his spare time.

Teri Ginther Chief Operations Officer Serving BBOK customers since 2020

Scanning checks in the basement of a Western Kansas community bank, young Teri Ginther would venture upstairs to witness long lines of antsy customers. She was convinced that a little lobby rearranging and someone to be a first point of contact for customers would exponentially improve the customer experience. Her idea received lukewarm reception but Teri was unfazed, spending the following weekend moving lobby furniture to better demonstrate her grand plan. Throughout her banking career, Teri has sought unconventional solutions to shift culture, embracing change as an opportunity to create the best iteration of the bank for employees and customers.

Christy Simonsen Senior Vice President
Bank Card Manager
Serving BBOK customers since 2007

Build a great product and an even better service team. Christy's extensive banking resume is peppered with successes because she lives this philosophy. Her relationship-focused work ethic makes her an advocate for bank customers and employees. She finds solace in the outdoors, playing golf with her husband and kids, or enjoying a motorcycle ride with just the accelerator and wind.

Michael Ray Chief Financial Officer Serving BBOK customers since 1992

Ethical and faithful are two words that epitomize Mike Ray. He interprets and analyzes the financial data at BBOK, collaborating with every department to project performance and secure BBOK's position as a solid investment for Kansas banks. In addition to some pastoral duties outside the bank, Mike spends as much time as possible with his grandchildren, passing down the values he exudes.

Peg Baldwin Senior Vice President
Enterprise Risk Manager
Serving BBOK customers since 1997

Peg's assiduous nature keeps her turning the pages of good thriller novels. It also drives her to scrutinize the latest industry regulations. Giving BBOK customers confidence that their correspondent bank is current on compliance, drives Peg to continue studying, asking questions and implementing new procedures.

Mike Sikes Senior Vice President
Serving BBOK customers since 2017

When Mike Sikes reflects on his decades-long banking career, one constant emerges – his desire to help others succeed. He enjoys a good story. Always appreciative of a customer who takes time to discuss their challenges and needs. Likely Mike has faced similar obstacles while serving in top management roles of several Midwestern institutions. He’s always eager to share his experiences and strategies. Mike’s at his best when he’s on the go – visiting customers, chasing a small white ball across 470 yards, corralling his grandson, or exploring the newest city where he and his wife, Vicki, are traveling.

Terry Puett Senior Vice President Serving BBOK customers since 2003

Terry has hit the road for more than 30 years traveling to Kansas community banks to listen, discover and connect. Terry believes there is nothing more fun and rewarding than promoting products and services to help his friends accomplish their goals -- except maybe time spent with family at Table Rock Lake.

Alison Clutter Vice President
Serving BBOK customers since 2019

Alison believes in supporting the community that you live in and growing up in rural Oklahoma, she learned how banks can fill this important role. Supporting banks as they invest in their communities and seeing businesses succeed is what makes her position as a relationship manager and lender for BBOK rewarding. To relax, Alison and her family enjoy drinking coffee and watching the sun rise from the dock of their cabin.

Carol Koehn Vice President
Serving BBOK customers since 1995

Since 1995, Carol has helped BBOK customers with their correspondent banking and investment needs. She meticulously deciphers financial and regulatory reporting, and interprets customer's portfolio accounting to ensure accurate reporting information. Discovery is Carol's passion at work, and during her off-time when she's hiking or traveling.

Cathy Gaines Assistant Vice President
Credit Administration Officer
Serving BBOK customers since 2000

Accurately putting a loan together comes second nature to Cathy who's been in banking for nearly 35 years. Fast-paced and quick on her feet, Cathy can evaluate a lending operations dilemma and resolve it in record time. And she delivers the results with a customer-first attitude and genuine laugh.

Candice Jackson Assistant Vice President
Electronic Banking
Serving BBOK customers since 2001

Candice has made her way around the BBOK electronic banking department at all levels. She began in the wire room, working with wire transfers and ACH before becoming manager of the department. Candice is the first to fill in the gaps where needed. Spend enough time with Candice and you'll see her quiet demeanor dissolve into a quick wit and instinctive smile.

Karen Schultz Assistant Vice President
Bank Card Risk Manager
Serving BBOK customers since 2008

Karen Schultz has spent the greater portion of her professional career in the credit card industry. From identifying potential risky behaviors to determining credit worthiness, her attention to detail has helped shape a robust portfolio. Her adaptability matters most in an industry evolving daily. A calculated risk-taker, Karen is always weighing potential results of decisions made before taking the leap. Her foresight helps the BBOK credit card department minimize risk, and helps banks maximize portfolio performance. Karen attends to what she values most in her off-time – her family and friends.

Nicki Gray Assistant Vice President
Bank Card Operations Manager
Serving BBOK customers since 2015

Nicki spent hours as a kid pretending to be the office manager of her dad’s business. But it was a logics class in college, and traits like curiosity and resourcefulness, that ultimately led Nicki to her 20+ year career in management operations. The nuances of improving processes to gain efficiencies excites Nicki. She’s a detail oriented leader with a passion for helping people learn and grow. When she’s not managing BBOK’s bank card operations, she’s handling the logistics of getting her two active children to their numerous extracurricular activities.

Ann Sathngam Assistant Vice President
Finance Operations
Serving BBOK customers since 1999

As a long-time accounting professional for BBOK, Ann enjoys applying her analytical prowess with numbers to ensure the customer’s information is accurate and readily available. Her positions in various departments throughout her career lend her knowledge and expertise to develop innovative and efficient accounting processes. She is also an Accredited ACH Professional. When Ann is not using her detailed mindset to analyze data, she is happy cultivating a variety of flowers in her garden and singing karaoke with her husband.

Scott Fowler Assistant Vice President
IT Manager
Serving BBOK customers since 2011

In the fast-paced world of bank technology, Scott knows the importance of 24/7 system availability and function. Scott is a problem-solver, not resting until issues are resolved. His experience in developing and implementing programs helps him direct his team in supporting BBOK systems like ABIL. Scott’s calm and focused demeanor turns adventurous when he steps outside the technical world. He enjoys traveling with his wife and taking on activities like net freefall, bungee jumping and indoor sky diving.

Amanda Williams Assistant Vice President
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Serving BBOK customers since 2007

Creating a memorable customer experience is Amanda’s specialty. She is responsible for ensuring every interaction is meaningful and targeted. Amanda is an assertive multi-tasker who keeps projects and people moving toward common goals. Her optimistic, warm demeanor is contagious – keeping those around her focused and calm. After hours, Amanda transfers her seemingly endless energy to chasing after her two young children and husband.

Todd Schoenhofer Manager
Credit Review Services
Serving BBOK customers since 2003

Competitively wired, Todd knows that to play at the top of your game you have to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, address problem areas and craft a winning strategy. He approaches his job in the same manner, ultimately delivering a plan for lending success.

Andrew Smarsh Loan Review Officer Serving BBOK customers since 2017

Andrew’s ingrained fondness for numbers led to the start of his tenured banking career. With his diligent and contemplative demeanor, he correlates a solid analysis to strong lending practices. He uses his analytical skill set to deliver sound, practical advice.

Outside of crunching numbers, Andrew looks forward to “Family Movie Night” every Friday with his wife and children.


Lisa Stroud-Webb

Lisa Stroud-Webb Administrative Assistant Serving BBOK customers since 2020

Harmonious Gatekeeper

Rachel Walcher

Rachel Walcher Administrative Assistant Serving BBOK customers since 2018

Cheerful Juggler

Cheryl Warashina

Cheryl Warashina Administrative Assistant Serving BBOK customers since 1993

Insightful Historian

Bank Card

Sherry Beard

Sherry Beard Business Card Coordinator Serving BBOK customers since 2004

Inspired Leader

Abby Cranmer

Abby Cranmer Bank Card CSR / Fraud Specialist Serving BBOK customers since 2015

Spark Plug

Lea Gubitz

Lea Gubitz Bank Card Marketing Specialist Serving BBOK customers since 2011

Doting Professional

Joy Holden

Joy Holden Settlement/Billing Representative Serving BBOK customers since 2005

Numbers Sage

Sandy Huxman

Sandy Huxman Bank Card Debit Card / Operations Coordinator Serving BBOK customers since 2009

Doer Extraordinaire

Shasta Jenkins

Shasta Jenkins Customer Service Representative Serving BBOK customers since 2005

Astute Multitasker

Betty Nguyen

Betty Nguyen Bank Card CSR Team Support Specialist Serving BBOK customers since 2002

Amateur Life Coach


Tara Breault

Tara Breault Accounting/HR Specialist Serving BBOK customers since 2014

Cheerful Ingenuity

Jeff Cherico

Jeff Cherico Accounting Assistant Serving BBOK customers since 2020

Agile Innovator

Julie Lyman

Julie Lyman Investments Manager Serving BBOK customers since 2005

Intuitive Champion

Tonya Rolo

Tonya Rolo Fed Funds Administrator Serving BBOK customers since 2005

Level-Headed Multitasker


Sharla Cook

Sharla Cook Account Manager Serving BBOK customers since 1998

Organization Fanatic

Megan Rush

Megan Rush Electronic Banking Assistant Serving BBOK customers since 2018

Radiant Director

Ashley L. Smith

Ashley L. Smith Electronic Banking Assistant Serving BBOK customers since 2008

Master Juggler

T.S. Stewart

T.S. Stewart Operations Solutions Specialist Serving BBOK customers since 2006

Composed Troubleshooter

Loan Administration

Ashley Snavely

Ashley Snavely Loan Servicer Serving BBOK customers since 2016

Astute Collaborator

Kyler Steadman

Kyler Steadman Credit Analyst Serving BBOK customers since 2017

Tenacious Cruncher

Dennis Willey

Dennis Willey Loan Document Specialist Serving BBOK customers since 2005

Conscientious Workhorse


Hans Lagnevall

Hans Lagnevall Network Security Analyst Serving BBOK customers since 2020

Security Focused

Derek Ratliff

Derek Ratliff Systems Administrator Serving BBOK customers since 2019

Communicative Problem-Solver

Cade Snedden

Cade Snedden Backend Developer Serving BBOK customers since 2018

Challenge Seeker

Board Members

Robert Beymer

Robert Beymer Chairman/CFO/ Senior Trust Officer

The Kearny County Bank


Brian Chamberlin

Brian Chamberlin

Calvin Coady

Calvin Coady President/CEO

Bankers' Bank of Kansas


Lloyd Culbertson

Lloyd Culbertson Chairman of the Board - BBOK

President - First National Bank and Trust


Mark Emley

Mark Emley President/CEO

Kendall State Bank


Michael Ewy

Michael Ewy CEO

Community State Bank


Larry Fief

Larry Fief President

The Bank of Tescott


Tim Matlack

Tim Matlack President/CEO

FNB Washington


Patricia Minard

Patricia Minard President/CEO

Southwest National Bank


Steven Niemack

Steven Niemack President/CEO

Stockgrowers State Bank

Maple Hill

Thomas Pruitt

Thomas Pruitt President/CEO

Peoples Bank & Trust Co.


Michael Scheopner

Michael Scheopner Vice-Chairman of the Board - BBOK

President/CEO - Landmark National Bank