Serious and Fun Collide in Peg Baldwin’s World

In 2006, then BBOK Bank Card Manager, Peg Baldwin, decided it was time to forge her own path. The bank card department had grown and introduced new products under her 10-year leadership, but Peg desired a new challenge. She created a proposal for a new position in the bank, presented it to management and then she waited, and waited, and waited. A year later, her proposal approval was delivered on a sticky note and Peg became the bank’s first compliance officer.

“Compliance has always been a key priority for banks, but I could see the industry changing and growing and it was exciting,” says Peg. Through the years, her title and job responsibilities have had several iterations. Today as Senior VP/Enterprise Risk Manager, she oversees compliance, risk management, vendor management, internal audit, training and the internship program.

Peg laughs when recounting the story of taking a vacation day only to come back to the office and find out she was delegated the task of creating the internship program. It is one of the accomplishments she is most proud of because it has involved the entire BBOK team. She’s quick to say she couldn’t do it alone, but what Peg spearheaded has become a unique opportunity for interns to explore all areas of a bank and really find what grabs a student’s interest. One student was extremely interested in bank card collections. Another fell in love with auditing. Former BBOK interns have returned to their family banks to someday assume leadership roles; became lenders; bank examiners; and credit analysts.

Peg’s career, and her involvement in the community, has always been intentionally designed. She was a founding member of the second iteration of the Heartland Compliance Group – an organization for members to share ideas in an evolving and expanding field. She went to audit school and joined the Institute of Internal Auditors to gain more knowledge of auditing and make connections. Peg believes a highly productive work environment has employees who are engaged, have fun, and take time to connect with one another. To ensure that happened at BBOK, she helped create the BBOK culture committee and remains a constant presence – her homemade cakes have been rumored to cause intense rock/paper/scissor challenges in the breakroom for the last piece.

Peg plans to be as intentional in her retirement as she has been in her career. She’s still crafting her strategic plan – but a few items she already knows will be included are catching up on some reading, driving for days to visit her family in Utah, volunteering for her church and taking time to enjoy a slower pace with her husband.

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