It's Easy to DocuSign

When BBOK sent out the BSA Questionnaire in May via DocuSign, banks responded with overwhelming ease. 86% of BBOK customers completed the survey in just a few weeks, a much quicker response rate than in years past. Thank you to all those that completed this mandatory compliance item.

With the onslaught of hacking attempts to businesses nationwide, we gladly confirmed for some cautious customers that the DocuSign request was in fact sent by BBOK. As BBOK continues to use DocuSign for confidential, signature required document transmission we encourage all of our banks to continue practicing precaution when opening emails.

  1. Look at the “From” address to confirm it is from a BBOK staff member via DocuSign (ie Amanda Williams via DocuSign) and comes from a or address.
  2. Confirm the BBOK logo is included.
  3. Call 316.681.2265 and ask for the person on the email if you ever feel an email is suspicious.