Hello. Goodbye.


In addition to business as usual at BBOK, we have been making necessary transitions to facilitate our succession plan. This year new faces were added to our management team and by the end of the year we will say goodbye to several BBOK pillars.

Craig, Peg, Mike and I have “grown up” together at BBOK. Their contributions are immeasurable. While it is hard to fathom walking in the bank and not seeing their faces, I am thrilled for them to enjoy a well-deserved retirement alongside their loved ones.

The new leaders bring years of experience, fresh ideas to facilitate growth, and a spark that I am confident will serve BBOK well for years to come.

  • Teri Ginther, promoted to President/Chief Operating Officer. During her time at BBOK she has focused on improving processes while coaching our managers to be better managers. With the addition of President to her title, my title changed to CEO. I will begin transitioning additional responsibilities to Teri throughout 2022 in preparation for my retirement at the end of 2023.
  • Greg Sacks, promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Since joining BBOK, Greg has worked to automate and streamline processes in the finance area. He will work alongside Mike Ray as Mike prepares for retirement in 2022.
  • Beth Seals, promoted to Enterprise Risk Manager. Beth is well positioned to continue what Peg has built in the compliance, risk and vendor management areas of the bank.
  • Hans Lagnevall, promoted to Information Security Officer. Since joining BBOK in March 2020, Hans has improved BBOK’s cybersecurity posture and enhanced the bank’s audit readiness. Hans continues to be a valuable asset to our IT department. Network security is a priority for BBOK and this new position recognizes our continued commitment to this area.
  • Paula McNutt, hired as Vice President. Paula has 23 years of banking experience and is ready to hit the ground running as our new relationship manager and business development officer. Paula is replacing Terry Puett who retired in February.
  • Justin Sparks, hired as Executive Vice President/Chief Credit Officer. Justin will begin at BBOK on December 1, replacing Craig at the end of the year. Justin has 24 years of bank experience and comes to BBOK with a clear understanding of lending and the entire operation of a bank.

The retiring group of leaders set a solid foundation for BBOK and I am truly thankful for each one of them. The enthusiasm of our next generation of leaders is contagious. I cannot wait to see the advancements and growth that are sure to come.