From the 2020 Chairman - Lloyd Culbertson

In 1988, my boss approached me regarding my thoughts about investing in a new bank, a Bankers’ Bank. I had no idea what that was and he quickly explained that he and other bankers were looking for a bank that had the sole purpose of providing correspondent services to community banks. First National Bank and Trust became a founding member, purchasing 250 shares for $50,000, and through the years acquired an additional 151 shares for a total investment of $80,200.

Thirty-two years later, we have a strong, well-capitalized Bankers’ Bank that specializes in providing correspondent services to community banks. In addition to the traditional check clearing and safekeeping services, BBOK has the capital and financial strength to work with all banks on overlines and bank stock loans for acquisitions, to buy out shareholders and to provide liquidity to banks and bank holding companies. The bank card program gives us a competitive product managed by our partner, not one of our competitors.

The bank employs a seasoned staff with a clear mission. Focused on serving Kansas banks, this staff is overseen by 12 independent bank directors representing all geographic areas and sizes of member banks.

While bank consolidation continues and we face the stress of COVID-19, banks continue to look to Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. Through this pandemic they have proven to be a valuable resource to banks, keeping up-to-date on the changes affecting our industry and providing a stable partner to help us manage our current environment.

Bankers’ Bank of Kansas remains a solid investment that is attractive to banks across the state – on March 30, in fact, another Kansas bank invested in BBOK stock. By the way, my bank’s initial investment in BBOK of $80,200 has a current book value of $518,000, while providing our bank with a steady stream of dividends throughout the years.

While this year has already proven to be unpredictable, I am confident Bankers’ Bank will remain a solid, steady partner and I am honored to serve as your board chairman.


Lloyd Culbertson

Lloyd Culbertson is the chairman of the Bankers’ Bank of Kansas board of directors and President of First National Bank and Trust in Phillipsburg, Kansas.

The Kansas Correspondent – 1st Quarter 2020