From the 2019 BBOK Chairman

I am honored and humbled to serve as chairman of the board at Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. I would like to thank the directors and shareholders of Bankers’ Bank of Kansas for the opportunity to chair such a great banking organization and continue to prove every day that BBOK is truly a lifelong trusted partner.

For me and our fourth-generation family-owned community bank, this opportunity to serve as chairman represents a near full circle. Back in 1988, at a time when a reliable correspondent bank was hard to come by, 39 community banks and bankers took a leap of faith by investing in a start-up correspondent bank. Max Deterding – my father-in-law — was the majority owner of three separate chartered Kansas banks: Citizens State Bank in Atlanta and Winfield; Turon State Bank; and First National Bank of Kingman. Each of our three family banks were founding shareholders in BBOK. Max believed in the concept of an independent correspondent bank that would provide great customer service and products, be a ready source for capital, and not directly compete with Kansas banks for loan customers. At a time when many agricultural banks were struggling and were not viewed as a “good risk”, this group took a leap of faith with measured risk to form Bankers’ Bank of Kansas.

Over the years, our bank has grown and changed, as many of your banks have also done. We merged our three charters in 1994 and have utilized the services of several correspondent banks. As we consolidated and acquired additional banks, one constant was a relationship with BBOK. Now, as a bank with 10 locations and $385 million in assets, BBOK is our primary correspondent bank. Why? Because we trust BBOK to provide professional correspondent services from experienced people.

As we have grown so has BBOK, and we utilize more products than ever before. Bankers’ Bank of Kansas has proven to be THE trusted partner for Citizens Bank of Kansas. Bankers’ Bank continues to actively advocate for banks in Kansas and uncover the future needs of its customers and shareholders, responding by strategically growing its stable of products, adding technology and staff expertise.

Thank you for being one of over 200 banks that believe in the mission of BBOK, and one of the 188 shareholders that provide capital to grow Bankers’ Bank of Kansas together!


Mark Keeny

Mark Keeny is chairman of the Bankers’ Bank of Kansas board of directors and CEO of Citizens Bank of Kansas in Kingman, Kansas.

The Kansas Correspondent – 1st Quarter 2019