Customer Service + Technology

Galen Pelton, president of Grant County Bank in Ulysses, started using the BBOK safekeeping solution almost a year ago. BBOK staff knowledge and responsiveness left a positive impression immediately. Galen and his staff were pleased with the service and continue to purchase additional securities to be held at BBOK. When asked to choose one thing that sets BBOK apart, Galen responded, “We believe the BBOK customer service experience outranks the competition. Everyone in the safekeeping department is friendly, helpful and has a communication demeanor that feels like a community bank.”

First quarter 2020, the BBOK safekeeping experience is getting even better. Here are just a few of the technology enhancements coming to safekeeping:

  1. Real-time holdings list available online at any hour.
  2. Option to communicate with BBOK via phone or online – providing customers flexibility to choose their preference.
  3. Online pledge request option.
  4. Enhanced reporting features with daily reporting available.
  5. Automatically generated and emailed reports based on customer-defined parameters.
  6. Automated day-to-day functions.

“We are a hands-on department and will continue to be so, but ultimately we want to supplement our customer service with technology to provide our customers all the tools they need to communicate in the way they wish,” says Julie Lyman, BBOK investments manager.

The software enhancements are currently in beta testing and will roll out to all banks as soon as the testing is complete.

For questions about the BBOK safekeeping product, please contact Julie Lyman at 800.999.5725 or

The Kansas Correspondent – 3rd Quarter 2019