Voice of the Customer

Positive customer interactions are key to a bank’s growth or erosion. It is predicted that by 2020, customer satisfaction, more than price and product, will be the key brand differentiator.* What would it be worth to capture customer opinion immediately after interaction occurs? With BBOK’s endorsed partner, Harland Clarke, you can. 

Harland Clarke’s Voice of the Customer, powered by Customer Service Profiles (CSP), is a robust customer feedback system that tracks and measures the customer experience over a period of time. Surveys are custom designed to measure against your bank’s strategic objectives and provide meaningful data. Using a variety of survey methodologies, including customer-based panel, web and mobile, telephone, and direct mail, customers give feedback on specific interactions over time. 

“36% of customers are likely to add services with a bank when they have a good customer service experience versus a mediocre one,” says Harland Clarke’s Brandon Jameson.

Customer data gathered goes through research and analysis where trends are identified and improvement areas are defined. Coaches work with bank managers to help influence behavior changes. As new approaches are implemented, your bank can see the correlation between change and customer satisfaction in real-time. The process of measuring, implementing change and remeasuring continues until your bank provides the level of service your customers expect. 

Because Harland Clarke and CSP are financial industry focused, your bank’s data is also compared to others in your geographic and peer group. The bank receives consultation with research experts on specific factors driving customer behavior. Actionable insight provided in these meetings are designed to build a consistent customer experience and ultimately lead to higher engagement. A happy customer has a deeper relationship with the bank and refers more often to friends and family. Even more important is the direct impact on the bank’s bottom line, says Jameson. “Improving account holder satisfaction is proven to improve bank profit and customer retention rates and reduce first-year attrition.”

To learn more about Harland Clarke’s Voice of the Customer contact your BBOK relationship manager at 800.999.5725.

*Customers 2020: A Progress Report by Walker


The Kansas Correspondent - 2nd Quarter 2018