New Opportunities for Credit Card Growth

The introduction of an enhanced credit card platform has resulted in more sales opportunities for banks that offer BBOK Bank Card programs. All BBOK cardholders – consumer and business – were converted to Base2000 this summer. The customer banks noticing the biggest advantage, however, are those with commercial customers seeking multiple credit card accounts for their employees. With complete online access, company administrators can fully manage individual card settings, such as changing credit limits per card or adding new employee cards, without the assistance of Bank Card.

The new features help banks level the playing field. Recently, The Bennington State Bank, has reached out to businesses who previously declined its credit card program due to lack of internal management capabilities. Of those, several are in various stages of converting their portfolio to The Bennington State Bank.

“BBOK has always provided us credit card expertise. Now we have the technological capabilities to tailor the card offering to our customers’ needs,” says Clark Renfro, The Bennington State Bank EVP. “Our commercial customers look to us to offer competitive services, not just for loans and deposits but across all banking functions.”

Renfro says the business card program has a winning combination of rewards, progressive technology and knowledgeable customer support. He believes as his business lenders continue to look for opportunities to help their customers outside the traditional loan arena, the credit card program will grow. “Our customers can come into our bank and find the same services they can in a bank in New York or Los Angeles, at the customer service level of a hometown bank. It puts us at an advantage that is hard to beat.”


The Kansas Correspondent - 3rd Quarter 2017