Introducing Card@Once from Harland Clarke

For nearly 13 years, BBOK and Harland Clarke have worked together, sharing customer care and product innovation philosophies. Similar to BBOK, Harland Clarke dedicates time and energy developing solutions to help banks expand and grow. They continue evolving with the industry by investing in technology to help banks with governance, compliance and loan acquisition, and adding products beyond check printing.

Instant-issue cards is one such product that quickly moved from a marketing trend to expected solution for community banks. With Harland Clarke’s Card@Once® solution, banks can instantly issue a secure EMV debit card to account holders. In an instant gratification world, leaving the bank with a working debit card is priceless.

The Card@Once solution features the only PCI Certified instant-issue machine on the market, compatible with internet accessible software and a bank’s current debit card program. The printer is compact and easy to use with a price point considerably lower than competitors’. This cost effective solution is low-maintenance and easy to manage. Harland Clarke check customers get an added advantage with partnership credits that help off-set the investment.

Implementing the service is seamless. A Harland Clarke implementation specialist assists banks from set-up to employee training. Estimated completion is 12 weeks.

All Harland Clarke’s services are backed by tenured associates with extensive experience in banking like Brandon Jameson. Jameson started his career at US Bank in Kansas City. He worked with large and small community banks. He recognizes the challenges community banks face and is motivated to be an advocate for his customers. He is diligent in learning what a bank needs and then working to find a solution. Since 2012, he has used this mindset at Harland Clarke to strengthen bank relationships across the state. “I consider myself not as a rep. from Harland Clarke to the banks, but as a rep. from the banks to Harland Clarke,” says Jameson.

If you’re interested in enhancing your customers’ experience with Card@Once or discovering why more than 115 banks partner with Harland Clarke through BBOK, contact your BBOK calling officer at 800.999.5725 or Brandon Jameson at Harland Clarke at 316.765.1582.


The Kansas Correspondent - 3rd Quarter 2017