Management Consulting

No two banks face the same employee challenges. We work with banks of all sizes to bring fresh perspective, while engaging employees and management in a process that ultimately strengthens your financial performance.

What would you do for stronger employee relationships, improved employee performance, increased profits and a well-developed plan for the future? At your initial consultation, veteran management consultant, Deb Schwemmer, will uncover the unique needs of your bank and create a customized plan, ultimately accomplishing your goals and processes.

Strategic Planning

Building on a proven strategic planning model, our approach is fully customized to meet your bank's unique needs. The result will be a shared vision for your bank's future with an implementation and accountability plan built around specific goals and measurements.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Research has shown that employees who are engaged and fully committed to their employers are significantly more productive and drive higher customer satisfaction. Our consultant will survey your employees through a research-based online survey process and provide actionable improvement areas to your bank's executive team.

Talent Development

Leadership Development

Senior Executives, Bank Succession Candidates and Front-Line Managers -- Help create a work environment where individuals want to devote their best efforts toward your bank's critical priorities. Development solutions include workshops, individual assessments and a full set of electronic tools, videos and other resources.

Individual Contributors --Designed for non-management employees, this personal leadership development solution will improve effectiveness and efficiencies that ultimately impact your bank's bottom line.

Sales and Business Development

Business Development Officers -- Gain superior selling skills that build customer trust and differentiate your bank from the competition.

Retail Bankers -- Our comprehensive sales solution offers knowledge and skills needed to increase retail sales and referral volumes. Building on a foundation of customer service, this program is designed to enhance your bank's customer relationship profitability.

Customer Service Training

Customer loyalty is built through positive employee interactions. We'll train your employees to deliver extraordinary service that converts satisfied customers to loyal customers.

For more information about our Management Consulting Services, contact Mike Norris, Terry Puett or Deb Schwemmer at 800.999.5725.