Q&A with BBOK Investment Crew

Julie Lyman and Tonya Rolo have been serving BBOK customers 25 years combined. They are dedicated to delivering an exceptional level of customer care. Mike Norris, BBOK vice president, recalls a recent bank visit when the customer prospect asked a specific question that required investment expertise. Mike offered to call the office and Julie was able to answer the banker’s question in a matter of minutes. When the call concluded, he simply stated that he would not have been able to call his current provider and get an answer so succinctly.

While it made an incredible impression on the prospect, Julie treated the interaction as simply doing what she enjoys – providing solutions to customers.

Julie and Tonya’s expertise in Safekeeping and Fed Funds help BBOK customers simplify investment back office functions, operate more efficiently and perform more profitably.

Q: What benefits do banks receive by managing their funding through BBOK?

Tonya: We know our customers and how they prefer to manage their resources, which helps us make opportunities available to them quickly and easily. We are working each day to get them the best rates and also to provide them with personalized, proactive customer care. Situations change by the minute, and we pride ourselves on being detailed and organized so we can stay on top of anything our customers need throughout the day.

Q: Why should a bank use BBOK for their full suite of investments such as Safekeeping, Fed Funds, Bond Accounting, and Cash Management/Sweep?

Julie: Although some banks choose to have a single service with BBOK, the banks that get the most benefit do all through BBOK. We can provide an invisible flow for customers, and have quick response if any issues arise during the processing day.

Tonya: We monitor our customers’ position throughout the day, and when they personally want to see where they stand, their activity is accessible through ABIL. This eliminates the need to notify different institutions of daily activity.

Julie: And pledging and safekeeping changes are automatically updated on bond accounting reports.

Tonya: The more pieces we know about wiring and borrowing needs, investment preferences, etcetera, the more helpful we can be to our banks to help them streamline the process. When banks are settling their daily business, the simplicity of ABIL pays off. It is so much easier to go to one place to see their full financial picture. If they are on automatic sweep, their money moves overnight to earn interest. All of that can be seen in one spot.

Q: What kind of reporting is provided?

Julie: ABIL has lots of real-time information such as receipts, credit advices and daily balances.

Tonya: We provide a report showing evaluated upstream banks quarterly. Borrowing limit letters are provided twice a year.

Q: What is one thing you feel customers should know about the investment crew?

Julie: There is a high level of cross-training going on in our department which benefits the customer tremendously. We have seasoned employees with years of experience. We also have incredible young talent, Ashley and Jesus, who have come in and made an immediate positive impact for our customers. 

Tonya: I agree with Julie. We are a cohesive unit and our staff is a wealth of information to banks in all areas of Safekeeping, Fed Funds, CDs and Bond Accounting.


The Kansas Correspondent - 3rd Quarter 2017