Stay ahead of regulator requests

Asset/liability management (ALM), and interest rate risk analysis may sound like a routine function. Yet the breadth, depth and sophistication required by regulators in these areas are ever-growing (even for the smallest financial institutions in Kansas.) It’s no wonder that for many bankers, effective ALM reporting that keeps the bank in compliance has become more daunting, more complicated and more stressful than ever before.

BBOK knows the importance of accurate ALM and we believe our strategic partner, Bank Reporting Sciences, provides banks of all sizes with the best value and service in the industry. As one of the only independent companies solely focused on ALM, Bank Reporting Sciences stays ahead of what the examiners are requiring so banks can approach ALM reporting proactively, rather than reactively.

“What was satisfactory last year won’t be satisfactory next year,” says Michael Fasone, Bank Reporting Sciences president. “We keep our banks way out ahead of what the regulators expect. Today, our reports show results that won’t be an absolute requirement for at least a year.”

Engaging a partner who’s focused on educating clients on the dynamic nature of ALM can be a huge advantage. Bank Reporting Sciences consults with clients on a routine basis, discussing assumptions the bank would like to come into play and how their bank would like to calibrate those assumptions. A highly condensed, graphic-heavy report is produced for management and is easy to interpret for board members who have business acumen but not necessarily banking expertise. Once the reports are finalized, Bank Reporting Sciences discusses the results with the client to add context and color.

For more information on the value Bank Reporting Sciences can offer your bank, call Calvin Coady or Terry Puett at BBOK at 800.999.5725 or Michael Fasone at Bank Reporting Sciences at 410.799.7002.


The Kansas Correspondent - Second Quarter 2014