BBOK has migrated about two-thirds of its customers to ABIL. If your bank hasn’t migrated, make sure to keep an eye out on ABIL Web for notifications and demonstration opportunities prior to your ABIL rollout. In the meantime, BBOK CIO Chris Gilbert addresses some frequently asked questions about ABIL.

Q: Will I need to set up new users?

A: We are moving the database from ABIL Web to ABIL. Bank administrators will simply set up users with a password and issue certificates and the migration is complete.

Q: Is it a different website?

A: Once all banks have migrated, users can go to bbok.com and click on the ABIL link for the new system. In the interim, banks can go directly to the site by visiting https://abil.bbok.com.

Q: Is our ABIL Web history accessible?

A: Some history will be available immediately on ABIL. ABIL Web will also be available for reference and history for a short amount of time after all users are migrated to ABIL.

If you have additional questions, please contact Chris Gilbert at 800.999.5725.

The Kansas Correspondent Newsletter - Third Quarter 2013