Proactive. Real. Personal.

Ryan Pierce and Terry Puett aren’t the type to sit around and wait for things to happen. If there’s activity on the Kansas banking landscape, they probably know about it. Seventy-thousand miles, dozens of trade association events, and some 800 face-to-face bank visits each year give these BBOK vice presidents valuable insight to help banks grow and prosper.

Ryan and Terry listen first. They meet with several levels of employees, learning the bank’s processes. They analyze. They uncover needs. And ultimately they create solutions to help the bank run more efficiently. Solid relationships take time to build. Before a bank does business with BBOK, Ryan and Terry inquisitively work to understand the goals and objectives of the bank.

Mary Schaumburg, vice president at First National Bank of Louisburg says BBOK did just that, spending more than 10 years getting to know First National Bank before the bank decided to move their correspondent services. “There were quite a few times when we were wavering to switch,” says Schaumburg, whose bank ultimately switched all of their correspondent services to BBOK in October 2013. “The calling officers listened to our concerns about managing users in our old system and were able to offer a solution that was far easier to use. They demonstrated the ABIL system a couple times for us. The tipping point was being able to access ABIL from multiple workstations, and easily manage set up and deletions of users from the system.” Mary says the conversion process was so easy they were left wondering why they waited so long to move their services to BBOK.

Ryan and Terry understand that their bank customers are busy and they are always appreciative of the time bankers share with them. “Once a banker realizes we promote and support solutions with sincerity and integrity, many of our bankers become friends,” adds Terry.


The Kansas Correspondent - First Quarter 2014