Preserving Community Banking Top Priority for New Board Members

BBOK board representatives come from all Kansas bank segments. Each member brings different skill sets, leadership styles and experience. The newest crop of board members – Dan Coup, Mark Keeny, John Lehman and Calvin Coady – is no different. Their resumes are rich with board service and passion for banking. Uniting them is their desire to preserve community banking for Kansans.

“This is an opportunity for me to serve on a banking organization whose sole purpose is to serve other banks.” Dan Coup, President/CEO, First National Bank of Hope. Shareholder since 1995.

“Correspondent banking is a people business. Developing relationships and fostering those relationships is what creates value for both the customers of Bankers’ Bank and our franchise as a bankers’ bank.” Mark Keeny, CEO, Citizens Bank of Kansas, Kingman. Founding shareholder bank.

“I am a person who enjoys boardsmanship from professional to civic, and I am a believer in BBOK. We have seen correspondent banking evolve and BBOK offers tremendous benefit for the banks in Kansas.” John Lehman, President/CEO,
The First National Bank of Girard. Shareholder since 2005.

“I want to serve as a link between the board and the management team, resulting in the development of innovated products to help community banks prosper.” Calvin Coady, Executive Vice President, Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. Officer since 1998.


The Kansas Correspondent - First Quarter 2014