Money, Money, Money

Customers come to you for money every day. Fulfilling those requests in house can sometimes present a challenge. That’s where the experienced lenders at BBOK come in. From $50,000 bank stock loans to $10 million participation loans, BBOK offers a multitude of products to help community banks compete for quality loans—and customer relationships.

BBOK has strategically gathered a team of lenders with varied expertise and an affinity for building lasting relationships. The lenders – Tim Binns, Mike Sikes and Shawn Riley – have years of experience and know the lending challenges of community banks. They’ve been exposed to a wide range of lending activity and serve as part problem solver, part consultant for our banks. The lenders continue to make their rounds, visiting banks to share industry trends and uncover specific needs.

Supplementing the lenders are Cathy Gaines and Dennis Willey. Cathy and Dennis have extensive experience with loan documentation and closings. Customers with documentation questions often comment on their willingness to help and customer-first attitudes.

Ultimately, the goal for everyone on the BBOK lending team is to deliver competitive loans with personalized attention in a timely manner. BBOK has diverse loan products to assist your bank:

  • • Bank stock, employee and shareholder loans to comply with Reg O requirements.
    • Participations for lending limit management.
    • KMac agricultural loans for long-term fixed-rate credit.
    • Commercial and municipal leasing.
    • ARC commercial loan rate hedge program to combat rising interest rates.

Get to know the BBOK lenders today. Call to set up a consultation at 800.999.5725.


Kansas Correspondent - First Quarter 2017