Loan Analysis Solution Provides Unbiased Borrower Profile

Lenders are often master relationship builders. Those who truly excel know their customers’ business intimately. They are neighbors. Advisers. Problem solvers. Encouragers. And those lenders have to build trust while critiquing their customer’s financial picture.

That challenge has led larger banks to hire impartial loan analysts. For some banks, however, staffing a full-time loan analyst isn’t practical. “Customers came to us requesting our expertise,” says Stacy Thomison, a loan analyst at BBOK with more than 12 years’ experience. Her precision and dedication to fast turnaround can save valuable time, keeping lenders focused on what they do best.

“We use very credible spread software called Sageworks to give our bank partners a full report of the credit worthiness of their borrower,” adds Thomison. The loan analysis presentation from BBOK includes a balance sheet, income statement, global cash flow statement and financial ratios, all for a low base fee of $150 for up to two entities. A sample presentation can be found here.

Your First Loan Analysis Report is Free.

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(One free offer per bank. Must be used by Dec. 31, 2014.)


The Kansas Correspondent - First Quarter 2014