Letter from President/CEO Calvin Coady

A plentiful fall harvest and a successful quarter at BBOK are great ways to begin the year-end wrap up. We have so much to be thankful for, and while our wish list for things to be even better is endless, we are in a good position to prepare for 2017. 

We’ve spent a majority of 2016 working on initiatives that will come to fruition for your banks in 2017. Our payments team has actively contributed to the Fed’s payments task forces so we are prepared to evaluate options to help our customers succeed in the ever-changing payments environment. The lenders are working the fundamentals to make safe loans and maintain high credit quality, looking for ways to add to our suite of lending services in 2017. The Bank Card department has spent considerable time preparing to convert our portfolio to a new platform which will help you better serve your customers. Smooth implementation is a priority in 2017, along with continuing to strategize ways BBOK can be an even better version of ourselves for our customers.

In this newsletter we’ve featured our calling officers, Mike Norris and Terry Puett. We’re committed to an active calling program – in conjunction with our lenders, bank card and operations officers as needed. The challenges you face complying with regulations and narrowing profit margins are often opportunities for BBOK to provide creative, feasible solutions to ease the burden. The solution may result in new services for your bank, but often we simply serve as a resource, sharing knowledge to make your job easier or bank more profitable. We try to maximize efficiency by incorporating technology in our day-to-day communications, yet we realize some things are best accomplished face-to-face.

Every BBOK officer and your dedicated board are committed to being good stewards of your investment in BBOK. We sincerely appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us.


The Kansas Correspondent - Third Quarter 2016