A Letter From the President

It’s great to be a Kansan. The Chiefs are trending. College basketball is underway. And things are looking pretty good for those of us that have chosen to make community banking in Kansas our livelihood. As we put 2013 to bed, we once again recite our annual mantra – “where did the year go?” For BBOK we anticipate the 2013 financial results will produce another strong performance. The book value of BBOK Bancshares stock passed the $1,000 per share mark as of October, and the “someday” dream we have had for many years was realized.

Beyond the financials, we are most excited about the new shareholders and customers who have chosen BBOK to be their choice for correspondent banking services. We will endeavor to make your decision a wise one. A key to our success has been the talented staff at BBOK. During 2013 we embarked on a Leadership Development initiative involving current and future leaders of BBOK. Deb Schwemmer, head of our Management Consulting division, led the program and is doing a great job. (Contact Deb if you want to discuss how her services could fit into your bank’s 2014 plans.)

We are plotting opportunities for 2014 and beyond which allow us to continue to expand our services and footprint in Kansas. We have a well-positioned balance sheet and capital base to continue to invest in technology services that make our customers’ activities simple and efficient. BBOK also welcomes the opportunity to assist your bank in any loan overline situation or holding company credit needs. As a reminder, we can directly assist Kansas bank officers and directors on personal credit needs.

Always feel free to give me a call with any ideas or suggestions for your Bankers’ Bank of Kansas. Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Bruce Schriefer

The Kansas Correspondent Newsletter - Third Quarter 2013