Encourage Card Usage for Increased Bank Revenue

The more your customers use their VISA card the more your bank can earn, up to 20% of interchange from your cardholders monthly spending. BBOK and VISA have designed several promotions to encourage usage and promote new credit card enrollment during 2014.

The March Spring Break promotion kicked off the calendar year, offering Platinum VISA members triple points on specific travel purchases. Activity and excitement were generated as customers racked up points for future rewards. Several more similar campaigns are slated for the coming months including the VISA NFL Sweepstakes to promote usage and our annual VISA In-Branch Acquisition Campaign.

By participating in promotions throughout the year, you are encouraging cardholders to make your card the one they use most often. More cardholders using their cards regularly results in increased revenue for your bank.

To be the first to pre-register for these bank card promotions, call Lea Gubitz at 800.675.6284, or watch for BBOK Bank Card emails with specific details.


The Kansas Correspondent - First Quarter 2014