Committed to Strengthening Kansas Banks

An experienced and approachable marketing team is a vital component of any successful company, BBOK included. Terry Puett and Mike Norris have collectively spent six decades in the banking industry. They understand their roles and work to integrate the strengths of their teammates. Focused and determined, they are able to respond to challenges. While they are bank savvy, they are constantly learning and training with departments to be a quality resource for their customers.

The commitment Terry and Mike have to Kansas banking goes beyond the sale – focusing instead on finding long term solutions for each of the banks in the BBOK network. They are the face of BBOK – but equally own their role as customer advocate.

“We approach every bank visit eager to learn about that bank’s unique challenges,” says Puett. “Our goal is to strengthen BBOK’s relationship with the bank by helping the bank improve revenue, save time or money, or create a more effective system.” Understanding the customer bank’s operations is a crucial piece to achieving this goal, and both appreciate when a banker openly shares information about the direction their bank is heading.

No two weeks are the same for Mike and Terry. A few days are spent in the office each week preparing for calls, setting appointments and following up with customers and team members. The other days are spent with bank customers; learning, listening and problem solving. BBOK’s commitment to on-site visits has been strengthened this year with senior team members from operations, lending and bank card accompanying Mike and Terry on product specific visits.

“We know that a banker’s time is limited so we structure our visits to be as impactful as possible,” says Norris. “Fortunately we have a seasoned team who take care of the day-to-day needs of our banks. Customers rarely have customer service issues to talk through in person, so we can spend our on-site time on other discussions regarding what’s on the banker’s mind.”

Feedback received while on the road aids BBOK in formulating new products and adding functionalities to those already in place. Information shared by customers is communicated with management and staff during strategic planning to ensure BBOK is addressing the needs of bank customers for the foreseeable future.

Next time Terry or Mike visit your town, we hope you will take the opportunity to share your thoughts and plans with them as they work to strengthen the partnership with your team.


The Kansas Correspondent - Third Quarter 2016