Blossoming Careers for Summer Interns

Finding and investing in future talent is the core of the BBOK summer internship program. The program started in 2012 to help students gain knowledge they couldn’t learn in a finance class. We put our interns through a rigorous eight-week program designed to expose them to all aspects of the banking industry.


Kylie Rorabaugh first met Legacy Bank President Frank Suellentrop when she was on a marketing call with Calvin Coady. She was impressed by what she heard about Legacy’s philosophies. When a credit analyst position opened, she welcomed the chance to help the bank make important lending decisions.

Kasandra Huser is working in operations at Gorham State Bank. At Gorham State, the operations employees are cross-trained to know a little bit of everything. Gaining insight as to what occurs with files after they leave the bank and are sent to the correspondent helped Kasandra hit the ground running.

Kristin Wagner enjoyed building relationships with customers as a teller and knew she wanted to make a career in banking. Working hands-on in all the BBOK departments, Kristin quickly determined credit and lending was the right fit. When she interviewed with INTRUST Bank, she was able to speak confidently about her experience and the specific area she wanted to pursue. She believes the internship helped her secure a credit analyst position with INTRUST.


The Kansas Correspondent - First Quarter 2014