ABIL Beta Testing Complete

ABIL Web will soon become ABIL. The transition for customers, BBOK hopes, will be as simple as the name change. The platform and database is completely overhauled to incorporate the latest technological advancements. The architecture, however, will mirror what users have grown accustomed to and requested to keep in place.

The BBOK team, led by Chris Gilbert, Lisa Valentine, Candice Jackson, Grant Paitz and Tracy Stewart, have been working with a dozen banks over the past month to test the ABIL enhancement. "We want to work out a few development issues before transferring our entire customer base to ABIL," says Gilbert. "We are throwing lots of different scenarios at the system and have now sent back our list to the programmers who are fixing the issues discovered."

The banks that have beta tested the new system are pleased at the short amount of time it took them to learn the new system. Banks familiar with KIX are already familiar with the new platform and were able to immediately begin working on ABIL with little learning curve.

The new platform allows us to incorporate new functionality over time. Customers will immediately benefit from enhancements including additional safekeeping reporting.

ABIL and KIX customers will also be able to log in to a singular system for all of their transactions. Future enhancements include coin and currency deposits and notifications of incoming verification.

Current ABIL Web customers will receive notice and demonstration opportunities prior to the ABIL rollout. "Our goal is to incorporate the new system with little fanfare," says Gilbert. "Seamless transition will be the measure of success."

The Kansas Correspondent Newsletter - Second Quarter 2013