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It's Tee Time

Join us for the 18th annual customer golf tournament and BBOK update October 2, 2017 at Rolling Hills Country Club in Wichita.

Make your reservation by September 15.

Banking's Future Should Be Nurtured Now

Community banking’s success depends, in part, on the preparedness of millennials. Efforts throughout Kansas, including those of BBOK, are focused on educating, developing and attracting young talent to fill vital roles in the maturing bank workforce. Article continued...

TSYS Merchant Solutions

Secure. Fast. Easy. These are just a few of the things your bank, merchants and their customers expect when a purchase is made with a credit card. The process that goes on behind the credit card terminal is often only scrutinized by the provider, and TSYS is committed to making that process seamless for its merchants and its customers. Article continued...

Jason Priest, Loan Review Officer

Honesty goes far with Jason Priest. Since 2005 he worked as a state bank examiner, doling out plenty of truth to keep Kansas banks safe and sound. Jason believes there are many unique paths a bank can take to get to a positive end result. Building relationships based on mutual respect helps Jason honor a bank’s intent while providing candid feedback. Article continued...


A Letter from BBOK President/CEO - Calvin Coady

The second quarter proved to be a busy one. Through it all we had good earnings with prospects for continued solid performance the remainder of the year. Article continued...

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The Kansas Correspondent Newsletter – Second Quarter 2017

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Bank Card Connections Newsletter

  • EMV Update
  • BBOK Moves to New Electronic Reporting System
  • Bank Card Upgrades 2,100 Cardholders
  • Anatomy of a Winner Fall Promotion

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Annual Report -- 2016

Kansas Banking and Bankers' Bank of Kansas continued to be solid investments in 2016. The financial information in this annual report outlines increased earnings, growth and dividends for our shareholders.

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