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Annual Report -- 2013

Kansas Banking and Bankers' Bank of Kansas continued to be solid investments in 2013. The financial information in this annual report outlines increased earnings, growth and dividends for our shareholders.

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A Letter from the President 

It's great to be a Kansan. The Chiefs are trending. College basketball is underway. And things are looking pretty good for those of us...

BBOK Magnifies Risk Management Practices

In recent years, the focus on risk management in banking has taken on new life. Credit and market risk...

An Interview with Ron Lang from Midland National Bank, Newton

Higher examination expectations in loan documentation, administration and credit analysis have made it harder for bankers to keep up, especially those...


BBOK has migrated about two-thirds of its customers to ABIL. If  your bank hasn't migrated... 

International Remittance Transfers 

New rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding remittance transfers took effect on Oct. 28, 2013. If you transfer money internationally...

EMV Chip Card Evolution 

The largest bank card fraud occurs by using cards that have been recreated. In an attempt to slow counterfeit cards, credit card companies are...

Business Card Rewards

Our banks are seeing increases to bank earnings from their card portfolio. Encourage your cardholders to opt in... 

The Kansas Correspondent Newsletter – Third Quarter 2013

  • Complete Your Vendor Due Diligence
  • A Loan Review Interview with Ron Lang
  • Product Buzz on ABIL, Farmer Mac Loans, International Remittance Transfers and EMV Chip Card Evolution

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Bank Card Connections Newsletter

  • Small Merchants Most Suspectible to Card Data Breach 
  • Emerging Bank Card Technologies
  • Credit and Debit Payments Overtake Traditional Payment Methods
  • Prepaid Card Resources Are a Click Away 

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