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A Letter from BBOK President/CEO - Calvin Coady

Our third quarter income was bolstered by a recovery of nonaccrual interest. The revenue we gained is important, but the lessons we learned are invaluable. Article continued...

New Opportunities for Credit Card Growth

The introduction of an enhanced credit card platform has resulted in more sales opportunities for banks that offer BBOK Bank Card programs. All BBOK cardholders – consumer and business – were converted to Base2000 this summer. Article continued...

Introducing Card@Once from Harland Clarke

For nearly 13 years, BBOK and Harland Clarke have worked together, sharing customer care and product innovation philosophies. Similar to BBOK, Harland Clarke dedicates time and energy developing solutions to help banks expand and grow. Article continued...

Q&A with BBOK Investment Crew

Julie Lyman and Tonya Rolo have been serving BBOK customers 25 years combined. They are dedicated to delivering an exceptional level of customer care. Article continued...

BBOK Promotes Ann Sathngam

Ann Sathngam has been an efficiency seeker for BBOK since 1999. Her backend accounting system knowledge and its interconnectivity across the entire bank makes her an invaluable asset to the BBOK team. Article continued...

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The Kansas Correspondent Newsletter – Third Quarter 2017

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Annual Report -- 2017

Kansas Banking and Bankers' Bank of Kansas continued to be solid investments in 2017. The financial information in this annual report outlines increased earnings, growth and dividends for our shareholders.

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